Quick Access、Easy Billing System、Diverse Publishing Channels、Crossing Promotions

  • Quick Access

    As a open platform, game developers can easily access to ZPLAY platform SDK which with powerful applications including players'behavior analysis, IAP billing system, remote push and cross promotion among games etc.

  • Billing System

    ZPLAY has built a completed mobile game billing system in China. So developers can easily access to all of China's mobile application market billing system with ZPLAY Open Platform's billing system SDK.

  • User Groups

    ZPALY has over 50 million senior mobile gamers. We have channels cover all Chinese mainland markets, which will bring more revenue to developers.

  • Publishing Channels

    ZPLAY has cooperated with all of China's mobile game publishing channels including China Operators(China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom), the third party game publishing market like Tecent.com, 91.com, 360.com, UC.com, d.cn, and baidu.com etc., as well as some well-know Chinese mobile enterprises with game installation channels.

  • Promotions

    ZPLAY provides technology support for game developers including mobile game localization and other technology support.